86% of Indians from rural & urban areas support demonetization, say it was worth the effort

86% of Indians from rural & urban areas support demonetization, say it was worth the effort
Main picture courtesy: PTI (inset: statistics from C-Voter poll)

Over 80 percent of Indians feel that demonetization was a step in the right direction, irrespective of the initial inconvenience they had to go through.

The statistics were released by C-Voter poll, an independent international polling agency, which conducted the survey across different age, area and income groups throughout India.

The survey was carried out in half of the country’s total parliamentary constituencies on Monday.

Although the poll results drill down and highlight how different sections of the society perceived the decision, an overwhelming majority agreed that the decision to demonetize was worth the initial hiccups and in the nation’s best interest in the long run.


# 36 percent of Indians living in rural areas feel that the decision was badly implemented.
# Only 2.2 percent of Indians in the high income group feel the decision was a bad idea.
# 86 percent of both rural and urban Indians believe that the inconvenience of implementing demonetization was worth the effort.

The decision to demonetize high value currency was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 in a bid to curb corruption and black money.

The decision caused a major stir, impacting the day to day lives of millions of Indians. Following which, the opposition demanded that the decision be rolled back. The government, however, stayed put.

Meanwhile, the centre tried to provide some relief by making certain exemptions for the ones who were impacted the most.

What is your opinion on demonetization?

(All stats in percentages. Courtesy: TOI)

Was the inconvenience worth fighting black money?

(All stats in percentages. Courtesy: TOI)

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