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Bipasha slams haters for comments on her ‘towel art’ post

Bipasha slams haters for comments on her ‘towel art’ post

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1. Bollywood bombshell Bipasha Basu, who recently got married to actor Karan Singh Grover, is currently honeymooning in Maldives.

2. Bipasha, who is a regular on the image-sharing platform Instagram, has been sharing a handful images from her wedding and honeymoon with her fans.

3. But little did Bipasha know, when she shared an innocent image of a towel art, that people would get downright nasty with their ‘honeymoon humour’.

4. Some of the comments she received on her post were: “I thought you guys had a night stand already. Bed decorations werr extra. ?”, “Its new for u but @iamksgofficial is getting third time lucky. Lets wait till 20020 coz every 4 years he marries another girl.” and “Wow!! Sab se jeyada kon se wale bed pee maazaa aaya..nd sab se jeyada kon se wale bed pe ‘kiyaa’??”

5. Taken aback by the sudden outburst of negativity, the bombshell retaliated by posting another picture to highlight how her wedding had suddenly changed the perception of certain narrow minded individuals. Needless to say, the fans supported Bips’ subtle reply and the trolls were silenced for good.

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