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EgyptAir plane hijacked, made to land in Cyprus

EgyptAir plane hijacked, made to land in Cyprus

Around 12 PM on Tuesday, EgyptAir confirmed that one of it’s domestic flight from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked and landed in Cyprus. The hijacking occurred in Cyprus’ flight information region and the airliner was diverted to Larnaca.

The Plane’s pilot, Omar al-Gammal, informed authorities that he was threatened by a passenger wearing a suicide explosives belt and forced him to land in Larnaca.


#1 The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation reported that 55 people were on board along with a crew of 7. At least one man is believed to be armed.

#2 Hijacker identified as Ibrahim Samaha, a professor of veterinary medicine at Alexandria University.

#3 Hijacker throws a letter on the apron of the airport and asks for it to be delivered to his ex-wife who is in Cypriot.

#4 EgyptAir releases statement confirming that negotiations were on with the lone hijacker.

#5 EgyptAir confirms that all passengers except cabin crew and four foreigners have been released.

#6 Israel scrambles warplanes in its airspace as a precaution in response to the hijacking.

#7 Cyprus President says hijacking is not related to ‘terrorism’.

#8 Hijacker allows remaining passengers to leave the plane.

#9 Hijacker taken into police custody around 5 PM IST.


Emergency Helpline Numbers:

Within Egypt: 0800 77 77 000
International: +2 02 25989320-29

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