After passport, Mallya set to lose his Rajya Sabha membership

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Liquor baron Vijay Mallya may lose his Rajya Sabha membership if he fails to respond to the parliament committee within a week’s time.

Mallya, who owes thousands of crores in debts to banks, fled the country a few weeks back in anticipation of facing legal action over not settling his dues.

After revoking Mallya’s passport failed to get a response from the Kingfisher owner, the Parliament committee on Monday recommended that Vijay Mallya’s Rajya Sabha membership be cancelled in the wake of his recent actions.

“The ethics committee meeting reached the conclusion that Vijay Mallya’s RS membership should be cancelled,” said lawmaker Karan Singh. Mallya will have a week’s time to respond to the committee’s recommendation.

Mallya was elected to Rajya Sabha in 2002 as an independent member from Karnataka with support from Congress and Janata Dal. In 2010, he was re-elected for a second term with a backing from BJP and JD-S.

So far, all attempts at bringing him back to the country have failed.

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