Sushma Swaraj’s witty reply to the man who wanted his fridge replaced

Sushma Swaraj's witty reply to the man who wanted his fridge replaced
Image: fptidc

In the two years since Sushma Swaraj has been serving as the nation’s External Affairs Minister, she has taken a rather hands-on approach to work.

The minister, who is extremely active on micro-blogging platform Twitter, is contacted by people across the country when they’re in distress. And more often than not, Swaraj comes to the aid of most. As a result, her social account is buzzing with activity throughout the day.

Now, although a platform like Twitter can act as an excellent tool using which a common man can report his grievances to authority figures, it’s effectiveness is dependant on the people who use it. Use it well and you will be rewarded for your pro-activeness, use it in any other way and your post will slip into oblivion.

One example of how one shouldn’t use the platform surfaced on Monday night when a man approached Swaraj to help him ‘get his refrigerator replaced’. But, instead of ignoring the man, she chose to reply and clarify how she wasn’t exactly the right person to help him with his fridge conundrum.

The user, Venkat, tweeted the serial number of his defective fridge to Swaraj. His tweet was:

Within minutes came the reply from the minster, that read:

Swaraj’s witty response to the distressed Venkat became a trending topic in a short span of time, with over 5000 Twitterati re-tweeting her response.

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