Shahid Kapoor opens up about Udta Punjab’s censor cuts and his character ‘Tommy’

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Shahid as Tommy Singh in Udta Punjab

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1. Last week, makers of the upcoming film ‘Udta Punjab’ approached the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) after the Censor Board’s Examining Committee (EC) allegedly asked them to cut over 40 scenes from the movie.

2. The makers, who were content with an ‘A’ certificate, didn’t agree with the EC’s decision and claimed that cutting cuss words and drug related scenes from the film will turn it into a 30 minute TV episode.

3. Now the film’s lead actor Shahid Kapoor, in an interview with Times of India, shared some light on what he thought about the censor board’s decision. While talking to TOI, Shahid said, “Udta Punjab’s message is positive. That’s what we need to focus on. Haider had bold content and people loved it and it was passed by the Censor Board.”

4. The Haider actor further remarked, “It’s time we allow content that the audience wants to see”. When asked what he thought about the censor board’s decision, Shahid said, “The dialogue is still on and in the mid of the dialogue, I don’t want to comment anything.”

5. The actor, who is playing the role of a drug addict rockstar ‘Tommy’ in the movie, admitted that he was skeptical about playing the character and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to pull it off. But, he also added that although although Tommy is one of the most obnoxious characters he’s played till date, there’s more to him than drugs and rock-n-roll.

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