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Unable to get leave to attend friend’s wedding, Versova cop sends brother to work

Unable to get leave to attend friend's wedding, Versova cop sends brother to work

Pictured: Constable Umesh Dhebe Image Courtesy: Facebook

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. On April 22nd, a commando was caught impersonating his older brother, Umesh Dhebe, at the Police Training School in Marol.

2. Dhebe, a constable at Versova police station, tried desperately to get a leave in order to attend a friend’s wedding. But, the Local Arms Department of the Mumbai Police had put him in charge of physical exams for their police recruitment drive between March 29 and May 2.

3. As a part of this drive, the 27-year-old cop was to examine application papers, measure vital parameters and oversee long jump, pull ups, shot put and 100-metre running events for the applicants, making his presence essential.

4. The constable decided to one-up the officials and sent his brother, Ramesh – a commando in the Quick Response Team – in his khaki uniform instead. Unfortunately for him, a lady official at the Police Training School found Ramesh’s behaviour suspicious and reported her concerns to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Sanjay Jambhulkar, who questioned the 25-year-old.

5. The younger Dhebe then confessed to switching places with his sibling. Post his confession, the police launched a disciplinary action against both brothers and Jambhulkar has said that their punishments will be decided by the respective heads of their department.

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