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AAI opposes to beautification of Juhu beach

AAI opposes to beautification of Juhu beach
AAI opposes to beautification of Juhu beach 1

Pictured: Juhu Beach

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. The ‘Juhu Beach Beautification Project’ is aimed at improving the public amenities at the Juhu Chowpatti, given it is a crucial tourist and recreational spot.

2. The proposal was approved by the Juhu Beach Monitoring Committee, that comprises of officials across several government departments and citizens. Recently, BJP legislator from Andheri West, Ameet Satam, also secured funds from MHADA for the project. Through the beautification project, footpaths will re-laid, new street lights will be installed and public amenities will be enhanced along Juhu beach.

3. However, the project is facing opposition from the Airports Authority of India (AAI) who claim that the construction work will hamper their plans to extend the runway at Juhu airport. At present, the airport only serves small aircrafts and helicopters, however, by extending the runway into the sea it can accommodate larger planes, becoming a fully functioning airport 24/7. Thus, the AAI does not want any construction work along the beach.

4. On 15 May, the AAI wrote a letter to government authorities demanding the work to be stopped and also informed police about the matter. The police were informed because there was a lack of clarity on the issue between the two parties.

5. Although negotiations are ongoing between the Juhu beautification committee and AAI, the dispute is far from resolution.

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