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Friend helps in kidnapping teen from Mazgaon, arrested

Friend helps in kidnapping teen from Mazgaon, arrested

Repesentational image. Courtesy: nexttopworld

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Byculla police, on Thursday, arrested four men for kidnapping a 19-year-old from his shop in Mazgaon on Sunday.

2. According to the police, the three of the four accused, Anup Singh, Mastan Shaikh and Talha Malia, approached the teen while he was at his shop near Parab chowk, Mazgaon. The arrived in a Xylo car with the CBI insignia and forced the victim to accompany them for questioning on drug related charges.

3. After crossing the area, they told him that he had been kidnapped and would be let go after a payment of Rs 10 lakh was made. When the victim told them that he would have to call his father for the money, they told him no and asked him to call one of his friends instead.

4. The teen called his friend Talha Qureshi and explained the situation. Qureshi, who was an accomplice of the kidnappers, went to the teenager’s parents and told them that he had given the kidnappers Rs 10 lakh for ensuring their son’s freedom. In order to repay him, the family gave him their Skoda car in exchange.

5. After securing their son’s freedom the family contacted the Byculla police, who questioned Qureshi. When the cops suspected foul play, they continued interrogation until Qureshi cracked and admitted to the crime. He told Byculla police that the victim was minting money from his business and they were in need of money, which prompted them to take the step. Later, Byculla police arrested the remaining three accused and recovered the Skoda from them.

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