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Mumbai just got a new beach in Western Suburbs

Mumbai just got a new beach in Western Suburbs
Mumbai just got a new beach in Western Suburbs

Versova beach

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. The differences between two legislators over the beautification of Versova beach has resulted in the creation of a new beach in Mumbai.

2. Two BJP legislators, Ameet Satam from Andheri (W) and Bharti Lavekar from Versova, had expressed interest in developing the beach. But, since Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) had no way of deciding who should take up the work, it decided to split the Versova beach into 2 parts.

3. The southern 2.5 km stretch of the Versova beach has been christened to Andheri (W) beach, while the remaining stretch up north will continue to be called Versova beach.

4. Last year, the state government had cleared a plan for the beautification of the southern stretch, now called the Andheri (W) beach. Satam has confirmed that the plans include creating the country’s first beach board walk that would connect the Versova and Juhu beaches. In addition, it will also offer water sports, house a floating jetty and include watchtowers for the coastal police.

5. Similarly, Lavekar confirmed that even the Versova beach is set to get a makeover. Plans for the beach makeover have already been finalized and will be sent to the concerned authorities for approvals soon. She also added that there are plans to renovate the Lokhandwala Lake.

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