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Mumbai Police creating its own ‘WhatsApp’

Mumbai Police creating its own ‘WhatsApp’
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1. In a bid to secure communication and increase productivity, Mumbai Police is currently working on its very own messaging platform.

2. The messaging platform, which is on the lines of ‘WhatsApp’, will only be accessible by police personnel and allow them to communicate securely. The server hosting the platform will also be maintained the their I.T cell.

3. As of today, cops use 3rd party applications to communicate amongst each other. While the platforms may be secure, the authorities have no control over it and there’s always the risk of their phone falling in the wrong hands.

4. The app, which is currently under development, will be used to circulate notices, share case details, investigation updates, action reports etc. It will also allow users to create private groups to share information about sensitive cases.

5. By building a community centric platform, the police’s dedicated messaging app will allow them build custom features which suit their needs. For example, a hierarchy based reporting will ensure that every constable’s update is also accessible by the top brass. Additionally, other officers can actively participate and share inputs regarding active cases.

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