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Mumbai teen kills roommate over ‘bad’ tea

Mumbai teen kills roommate over ‘bad’ tea
Mumbai teen kills roommate over 'bad' tea

Representational image. Courtesy: India Today

On Tuesday, Mumbai police arrested a 19-year-old for allegedly murdering his colleague over bad tea.

The accused, Mahendra Purohit, worked as a cook at a granite shop along with the deceased. In addition to working together, the duo also shared a terrace of a one-floor building.

On Sunday, the deceased, Babu Bharti (38), had made tea for both of them. Purohit, who was in a bad mood, did not like the taste of the tea.

Later, when he saw that Bharti had left the remnants of the tea powder in the vessel and not thrown it away, Purohit boiled with anger and started arguing with his roommate.

In minutes, the argument turned into a violent physical altercation. In a fit of rage, Purohit grabbed an iron rod and stabbed Bharti with it in the stomach repeatedly. He later pushed Bharti from the terrace of the building.

Purohit, who had absconded after the incident, was caught at Andheri railway station after a struggle of two days. He is currently in police custody.

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