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Video: Cops thrash couple inside Kandivali police station

Video: Cops thrash couple inside Kandivali police station

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1. A video showing the brutal assault on a couple by cops inside Kandivali police station is making rounds on social media.

2. While the name of the police station is not evident from the video, reports confirm that it was indeed shot by an onlooker who was inside the Kandivali police station at the time.

3. In the video, the cops are seen brutally thrashing the couple with bamboo sticks. It was reportedly captured on May 10, but surfaced on Monday.

4. Sources confirm that a young couple had gone to register a complaint at Kandivali police station, but the officials refused to register their complaint and started thrashing them. However, there is no indication or information available on what prompted the cops to take such an action.

5. After the video was picked up by the media, it was quickly escalated to the top brass. While talking to ANI, Mumbai Police Public Relations officer said, “Investigation is under-way in the case. Strict action will be taken against those found guilty.”

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