Enraged over doormats, Indians trend #BoycottAmazon on social media

Enraged over doormats, Indians trend #BoycottAmazon on social media
Image: nbcnews

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. US-based E-commerce giant Amazon came under fire on Sunday after netizens found that it was selling doormats with Hindu gods and goddesses.

2. It all started after a user noticed a brand called ‘Rock Bull’ selling doormats, t-shirts, smartphone cases etc with images of Hindu gods and verses from the Quran on the e-tailer’s US website (Amazon.com).

3. After the user took to micro-blogging platform Twitter to share the news, it quickly went viral and spiralled into an outrage against Amazon’s US portal. Within hours, the trend #BoycottAmazon started trending worldwide on Twitter.

4. Following the protest, Amazon quickly tried to salvage the situation by removing all such products from their website. Within an hours time, a majority of products were removed from Amazon.com. When Times of India contacted Amazon, a spokesperson confirmed, “We have escalated this to concerned team, for them to take appropriate action. The items you reference are no longer available for sale.”

5. The backlash resulted in many users uninstalling the Amazon app and swearing never to purchase another item from the global giant’s Indian website ‘Amazon.in’. In the past, Indian e-commerce website Snapdeal faced backlash after it’s brand ambassador Aamir Khan spoke about intolerance and Myntra was attacked by Hindu outfits for selling bags allegedly made out of cow hide.

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