US woman finds body parts inside second-hand freezer

US woman finds body parts inside second-hand freezer
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Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. In a shocking incident, a woman from North Carolina found parts of a dead body in a second hand freezer she had bought from her one of her neighbours.

2. The woman had bought the used freezer for $30 from her neighbour’s garage sale. While speaking to, she said, “I was just in shock. I opened it up for a second time and my heart went into my throat. I ran out of the house.” After seeing the contents of the freezer, the woman immediately called 911.

3. After in-depth investigation, police confirmed that human remains were found. According to the buyer, she had not opened the freezer initially as she was told by her neighbour that it was being used as a ‘time capsule’ and was a part of class project she was doing with her Sunday church school.

4. Church officials were supposed to come and take away the parts inside the freezer, but no-one turned up. After which the buyer decided to open it herself. While talking to the police, she said that the remains likely belong to the elderly mother of her neighbour who has been reportedly missing since September.

5. A day after selling the freezer, the accused neighbour fled the town. Cops are investigating the case and have booked the neighbour for concealing a body and failing to notify officials of the death.

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