Out of control Harley Davidson lands on a car in Santacruz, injures driver

Biker loses control over his Harley Davidson, injures driver in opposite lane at Santacruz
Image: TOI

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Around 10 am on Friday, a 51-year-old car driver was seriously injured after a biker lost control of his Harley Davidson near Santacruz depot.

2. The biker, identified as Ravi Pageria, was on his way to work when he suddenly lost control and slipped at high speed. The bike hit the divider, flew to the other side of the road and landed on a car moving in the opposite direction.

3. Immediately after the accident, pedestrians alerted the police. The driver was pulled out of the car and rushed to Nanavati Hospital, where he is currently undergoing treatment. Pageria also suffered minor bruises.

4. A senior official from the Santacruz police station told Times of India, “Pageria claims that he applied emergency brakes to save the pedestrian. As he was riding at high speed, he lost control over the bike. Pageria was thrown behind, and his bike raced ahead for almost 25 metres before it hit the divider and flew in the air before landing on the car that was plying on the other side.”

5. A case under the Indian Penal Code sections 279 (rash driving) and 338 (causing grievous hurt by an act endangering life or personal safety of others) has been registered against the biker.

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