Man posing as TC tries to molest teenager at Thane railway station

Man posting a TC tries to molest teenager at Thane railway station 1
Image: Representational

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Around 8 pm on Tuesday, a man posing as a Ticket collector at Thane station tried to molest a teenager.

2. The 16-year-old was headed back home from her coaching classes in Badlapur when a man in his late 30s approached her on the elevated deck that leads to the station. The man, dressed in a ticket collector’s uniform, demanded to check the girl’s ticket. When she showed him her monthly train pass he asked her for an identification proof, which she did not have. Post which, the impersonator grabbed her, while trying to pull and grope her.

3. The traumatized teenager managed to get away from him and rushed home to inform her parents. Subsequently, the girl’s father, Nitin Kamble, took her to railway officials to register a complaint.

4. The railway authorities then showed the victim CCTV footage and called in all the ticket checking staff at Thane station so she could identify the man. However, the accused wasn’t one of them.

5. Since the camera footage proved that the incident occurred outside the station, the GRP transferred the case to Thane police for further probing. But, as news about the incident spread around the station, numerous passengers gathered outside the station superintendent’s office demanding the fake TC’s arrest.

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