Mumbaikars will soon be able to enjoy a cruise ride from city’s shore

Mumbaikars will soon be able to enjoy a cruise ride from city's shore
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1. On Tuesday, the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) held a meeting to discuss the possibility of hosting cruises on the city’s shores.

2. According to a Times of India report, MbPT has scrapped the ousting charges to make place for a cruise liner at the port and is currently in talks with several cruise liner companies. J M Baxi and Costa, India’s premier shipping services companies, have already given their nod to starting a cruise from the Mumbai port. The services are expected to start from September.

3. Sanjay Bhatia, MpPT chairperson told TOI, “The terminal, which looks shabby at present, will be spruced up and modernised. The companies can book the terminal and get berths on priority. At present, many cruises come to Mumbai, but none of them start from here.”

4. He further added, “We have also smoothened the entry of luxury buses in the terminal area. When a cruise comes, then at least 2,000 passengers come and they would require a large number of buses. I am also in talks with Maharashtra Tourism and India Tourism to arrange for sightseeing.”

5. In order to prepare a master plan for the ambitious project, the port trust plans to float global tenders to hire an implementation consultant and a project manager.

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